It’s called the land of opportunity, it is considered to be a hub of growth, and truth be told, Indians are no stranger to settling down in the land considered to be the home to the brave and the land of the free!

The United States of America is generally considered to be a very popular destination for Indians living outside of India. While generally speaking, there’s been an overwhelming percentage of Indians who happen to have migrated to regions such as the United Kingdom, Canada and even far-off destinations in Africa, for decades together there’s been no dearth in the number of Indians living in the US.

Generally renowned for possessing a technical and analytical bent of mind, over the past several decades, Indians have made it to some of the most esteemed and widely-regarded institutions of the United States, with Indian talent finding its feet in platforms of international repute such as the NASA and the United Nations.

Indians are also known to have contributed to key impactful disciplines of life such as Law, Medicine, Engineering and other realms.

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But a latest study suggests builds a more positive narrative in the direction, stating that that the number of Indians living in the US has only gone up since 2010.

In fact, on this note, it is important to note that the number of Indians residing in the US has gone up by a whopping 9 Lakh since the year 2010.

Talking purely in terms of numbers, it is worthwhile to note that when compared to 2010, a year that experienced 1.8 percent of Indians in the US, the numbers from 2018 seem to point to an increase of around 49%.

The number of Indians living in the US comes down to 2.7% for the year 2018. The said figures were furnished by a respected think-tank – the Centre for Immigration Studies, an organisation considered to be a perfectionist in its views.

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But it’s interesting to note the figures when one delves a little deeper. The numbers from July 1, 2018, suggest that the population originating from India stood at 2.65 million, while the previous year the figure stood at 2.61 million, therefore, denoting a minuscule increase.

In all, as of the period of July 2018, Indians constituted 5.9% of the total foreign-born population but in terms of the actual overall US population, makes for a little less than 1 per cent.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note the growth of the Chinese population living in the US, China, of course, being a close competitor of India in so many regards.

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It appears that the foreign-born population from China increased from 2.16 million in the year 2010 to around 2.84 million, thus, signifying an increase of nearly 32 per cent.

But all of that told, one wonders about the number of immigrants- whether legal or illegal- living in the US at the present moment? According to the numbers provided by the think-tank, the numbers of 2017 suggest that 1.45 million new legal and illegal immigrants had settled in the US.

And therefore, the only respite in this regard was that the number was somewhat less than the number of legal and illegal immigrants who had settled in the US the year before- 1.75 million.

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