Not everyone who is young has promise. Not everyone who has promise- is young! If that’s not true, then, perhaps we are dreaming; we are part of some La-La land where our imagination runs like wild horses suspended untamed on a racecourse! But of course, there are exceptions. They are like Greta Thunberg- a voice of meaningful resent against the classic dogmatic ” I am right, you can go to hell,” mindset.

She was recently named as the “Person of the year” by the Time Magazine. She has been the leading, go-to voice of the young and the daring in the fight against climate change. At a time when Greta Thunberg could’ve gone harmlessly about doing her own thing, being just like most goofy, happy-go-lucky youngsters her age, unaware of the larger picture of the world and the troubles enveloping it does such a thing like Climate Change even exist– she’s become the poster-girl of the fight to raise awareness about this menace.

She’s admired, she’s thought of as someone with a lot of substance and caliber despite being only in her mid-teens, and above anything else, she’s famous for a good cause. This is something rather positive and enterprising as one’s not exactly busy in becoming a headline material at such a young age- isn’t it?

Yet, Donald Trump has a different view of the young voice of reason who has starred in this fight against Climate Change. The Swedish youngster, according to one of the strongest personalities in the world, should just ‘chill’ and perhaps ‘go to the movies!’

chill Greta
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Would you consider this to be a retort or would you think that it’s just one of those oddball submissions by the man many dread, most can’t stand the sight of, yet, someone, who is still very much polarising like the debate surrounding the UFOs?

When Donald Trump makes a statement, it tends to reverberate around the world. Not that it always carries the weight of resonance; but simply because it comes from a person of an elite standing by the virtue of the office he comes to hold: the White House, of course!

Yet, on the very contrary, when Greta Thunberg speaks, the world, as seen this year, listens, debates, opines, thinks and then contributes in making a discussion worth its while. It’s not down to the fact that that is how it should happen; it’s down to the fact that Greta Thunberg addresses a global menace, that it appears, the US President is content blaming the other countries for.

In response to a massive burst of celebration that hailed Time Magazine and its decision about naming the bright Swede as the “Personality of the year” for 2019, this is what the US President offered, in return:

“So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!” he tweeted.

At a time where much of the world is paying attention to the fiery speeches delivered by the widely-recognized young activist of our times, it’s certain that the man who’ been widely called for sporting a fluff in the name of hair, has other things to note.

But truth be told, Trump isn’t the only President or world leader who one can find irate whenever the mention of Greta Thunberg arises. Brazilian President Bolsonaro, yet again a figure not widely respected, went on to dismiss the teenage sensation from Europe as a “brat!”

But whether Greta is a brat or someone who won’t bat an eyelid before taking her worldwide cause to in the fight against climate change to new directions, what’s known is that this year simply belongs to her!

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