Wildlife, it is said, is to be celebrated and protected- not harmed. How often have you come across the term ‘endangered species?’ Probably, there’s not a single day in the life of this planet- already stifled by climate change, exacerbated by global warming- where some wildlife species isn’t hurt.

Or, for that matter, doesn’t come under the vehemence of worsening strikes by illegal acts or poachers. While those troubles were already alarming enough, here comes a news as a complete shocker.

Apparently, in the Indonesian island of Sorong’s Papua province, there’s been a brazen attack, directly purported by a gang of men on crocodiles. In fact, the news is so shocking that as many as 300 crocodiles have been simply attacked and killed blatantly in broad daylight.

The act is apparently a direct response of a group of vile men who wanted to avenge the death of a man who’d fallen a few days into a pool infested by wild crocodiles, purely by accident.

The slaughtering of 300 crocodiles might have happened in the Indonesian island. But the news has rightly escalated into snowballing sensationally and has become a global discussion point as it should have.

A few days back, in the same Indonesian island, a man had fallen accidentally into a pit of crocodiles and had been killed by one of the reptiles. As an act of vengeance, the mob of men, enraged by the incident were so moved by emotion that they preferred slaughtering about 300 crocodiles.

Does that tell us a thing or two about what mankind is coming to nowadays? Are we so determined to ‘settle scores’ and make good for a loss or damage that we end up eroding the causer of some grief endlessly so?

One wonders whether who’s the real reptile in this case, in particular? Is it that reptilian beast; the crocodile that had polished off the man or the group or the gang of men who avenged for the deceased’ demise?

The aspect or concept of revenge killing, until very recently, was perceptibly limited to humankind. It happened, often frequently in cases where limited, parochial minds in clannish societies purported an incriminating act, acting out of sheer dogma trying to prevent an inter-caste marriage.

Well now, it seems things have evolved by actually getting worse. We are so abusive and violent that we do not pardon even the wild when it comes to revenge-killing. What else was this particular incident? How else could it be described differently?

That said, here are some details from the episode that just transpired: The victim, the deceased identified as 48-year-old Sugito, was bitten on the leg and then fatally struck with a tail of one of the crocodiles, which are a protected species, the locals have shared. And that is not all. Sugito’s (the victim) relatives and local residents, angry over the farm’s location near a residential area, had even marched to their local police station, the authorities have revealed.

But the mob from the village wasn’t satisfied with the authorities and the victim’s family coming to an understanding that was in terms of a financial payout settlement. They wanted blood and that is precisely they succeeded in getting; although causing needless ruckus and furore that should’ve been avoided.

This mob that was behind the cold and bloodless killing of 300 crocodiles actually measured in hundreds, at least.

But it seems that the case is still moving at a snail’s pace.

Outnumbered police and conservation agency officials said they were unable to stop the grisly attack. The authorities said they are investigating and may lay criminal charges. That is the concern. Would they still levy charges? The word is ‘may’ here. Shouldn’t there be more certainty attributed to the matter which warrants an urgent debate?

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