Do you happen to know about the best selling vehicle in The Netherlands? Well, here’s what shouldn’t exactly surprise you specifically given that we are prevailing in that age where electric mobility is no longer a glorious idea on any PowerPoint and has, in fact, emerged as the real game-changer of sorts in the sphere of urban transportation, thereby, also redefining car ownership.

best selling vehicle in The Netherlands
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Here’s a matter of fact. The best selling vehicle in The Netherlands is none other than Tesla Model 3. The brand has, undoubtedly, accounted for the highest number of sales of electric vehicles in general, in all of The Netherlands, right after Norway.

And that said, there are no surprises in knowing the fact that today if you happen to be walking past a picturesque windmill in Amsterdam or are navigating across the plush port city of Rotterdam if there’s one car that you are most likely to come across in all of The Netherlands, then it’s Tesla Model 3.

In fact, it may not be wrong to say that what might have seemed, initially, upon the arrival of Tesla in the market as a product borne out of an aspirational value has gone onto emerge as an absolute hot-seller.

That told, here is another interesting fact about Tesla Model 3. If you thought that best selling vehicle in The Netherlands wasn’t creating waves elsewhere in Europe, then think again.

Netherland Best Selling Vehicle

Apart from The Netherlands, the other European nations where Tesla is a hot buzzword at the moment include- Belgium, Austria, Spain as well as Italy.

In fact, in all of the aforementioned nations, the Model 3 has recorded a highly exciting number of sales thus far in the year. But it wasn’t that the exciting offering from Tesla was highly in demand in the previous years.

If one happens to check the data of the past few years, then in countries like Italy, Spain, and Belgium, there were only a few units of the Tesla Model 3 that were ever sold. Of course, things have changed for the better for inarguably, the finest maker of all-electric cars today.

Among the cars that sold a few units previously included the Tesla Model S, apart from the Model X, while now, one’s seen a great rise in the sales of the Model 3.

In addition to the above, it’s interesting to capture some insights pertaining to why Tesla has emerged as a cracker of a car brand in The Netherlands, as produced by Interesting Engineering (

Netherlands best selling cars
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The Netherlands and Norway have always been big consumers of Tesla cars, even before the Model 3 hit the roads in Europe. 

But when the Model 3 came to the European market earlier this year, it pushed Norway ahead of the game, as the country is the global leader in electric vehicle adoption. 

The two nations have strongly favored using green energy, forging the path for others to follow suit.

This is further demonstrated by their populations’ clear choice in buying the Model 3 as their car and Tesla as their brand of choice. 

Tesla Model 3
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Now, back to the data surrounding the annual sales figures of Tesla Model 3. According to a noted European data company- Ketekenradar- apparently, in 2019 alone, Tesla’s Model 3 sold as many as 10,000 units and has thus emerged as the best selling vehicle in The Netherlands, whether electric or not.

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