There will be peace between Israel and Palestine when God creates another Earth. So we are practically looking at another birth then, for sure, such a scenario isn’t happening in this day and age.

This sarcasm stems from a visible discomfort to see the major differences the world has come evidence with Israel. This is, as if, Israel’s own differences with Arab countries weren’t paramount in the first place.

Why on God’s mighty earth can differences not recede to let peace prevail is something that not even the world’s finest intelligence agencies can decipher, let alone Israel’s Mossad?

To that regard, it’s rather interesting to find that in a country where Arabs are allowed a chance to vote, even seek a place in the parliament- why’s Israel not doing enough to end the hostilities with Arab nations?

Decades put together are a witness of a heavy onslaught of firing from either side of the Golan Heights and the West Bank, only to see hundreds of Arabs being brought to Israel for medical care and treatment. In this light, to see Israel and Palestine fighting endlessly like petulant children over the one last remaining candy is abominable.

It doesn’t make sense. It’s weirder than understanding the formation of the Universe from the Big Bang theory.

The first Intifada was bloody. The second Intifada was bloodier. Youngsters, several of them of a school-going age have been caught up in the bitterness surrounding the two neighbouring states that for some reason can never willingly rest with a Two-State solution. When’s the ensuing chaos going to evaporate into thin air, we don’t know, nor does Allah, Jesus or Moses, with all sincere regards.

And what makes the ruckus between Israel and Palestine even worse is to evidence the constant bickering surrounding the two countries from a political, geopolitical and military standpoint. Can someone, somewhere stand up and take control?

Recently, an Israeli-Arab lawmaker by the name of Yuli Edelstein submitted his resignation with full professional courtesy. But there was a catch. He had submitted his resignation in Arabic, a language that is interestingly spoken not only right outside Israel’s border, in Palestine but also inside its own dominion.

Next up, what happened left everyone gutted and shocked. Not only was the Arab Israeli lawmaker’s resignation refused, the gentleman managed to draw the wrath of very vocal critics who downed his move and castrated him aside. Where else- but from Israel?

A special report published on the Jerusalem Post on the said issue shared further details of the developing story:

The Arab [lawmakers] tried to pull a stunt by giving me a letter in a language I don’t know,” Edelstein said, according to the Jerusalem Post. “I respect the Arabic language, but I cannot sign a letter that I cannot read.”

The dispute comes after Israel’s parliament passed a “nation-state law” in July declaring the country a national homeland for Jews. The law controversially elevated the status of Hebrew over Arabic in the country. While Hebrew remains the language of the state, Arabic has been downgraded to a “special status.”

A subject matter expert himself, Mr Edelstein even shared his non-condescending view on the matter and suggested, “It cannot happen that a Knesset speaker refuses to sign my resignation letter just because it is written in Arabic.”

That said, this disagreement basically comes as Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who came out against the nation-state law, said he would sign an Arabic version of the legislation to protest its treatment of the language. Thabet Abu Rass of the Abraham Fund, which promotes coexistence between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens, told the Times of Israel on Monday that Rivlin made such a pledge, though Rivlin’s office would not comment on the matter to the paper.

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