The Seattle-Tacoma airport is among the most noted airports in all of the United States of America. And where it stands currently, then it’s also one of the kinds in the aviation history of the United States. No, it’s not for the design value or the pathbreaking architecture that makes the Seattle-Tacoma airport some strikingly beautiful gem in modern history. It’s not about the area spread or size as well. It surely isn’t the largest airport that is there, along the lines of the Denver International Airport, or the Dallas/ Fort Worth International airport or the likes.

That said the Seattle-Tacoma airport hasn’t also done anything astonishingly surprising where the passenger safety parameters are concerned. So what exactly is special about this Seattle, Washington-based airport that has garnered it much attention from the worldwide media?

Well, airports are actually interesting places where most places are concerned. Have you ever thought about it like that?

Some might argue the there’s a somewhat enterprising value of sorts at the airports, which is down to the fact that people from different walks of life converge at this common transportation hub to foray on various, independent journeys. This, therefore, often always brings the possibilities to strike a meaningful conversation and explore possibilities, in effect.

But the very fact that airports are also the places that stir our emotions in different ways that tend to make what one might call them- thrilling or according to different experiences, even emotional places.

While on the one hand, there’s a thrill that stems from embarking on new journeys- whether, for business, educational or other purposes, there’s always the emotional hold that airports remind us about, on the other hand.

The fact that upon our arrival, we have to immediately bid goodbye, in most cases, without having at our disposal a bit of an extra time to spend with the loved ones before we bid them adieu reminds us that just how important different people are to us. And perhaps, few places make us feel this need or remind us about the importance people hold in our lives as airports, a place where at the back of the slightest of delays, the course of a journey could change forever.

In that regard, keeping in mind the emotive comfort that one draws from spending time with loved ones, one has to tip the hat to a novel new move that the Seattle-Tacoma airport has recently executed.

In becoming the first-ever airport in the United States to allow people to actually go past security lines, without having to purchase a ticket, in order to spend time with near and dear ones, the Seattle-Tacoma airport has actually initiated a one of a kind move.

Hasn’t it?

No other airport, hitherto to one’s knowledge, has made such a thing possible where the visitors, who often are in aplenty in places such as airports, will now be able to meet their closed ones without actually having to purchase a ticket makes the move every bit interesting as it is heart-warming.

American media outlet CNN shared that the basic idea behind what might be called a rather revolutionary move at the Seattle-Tacoma airport is that the non-ticketed visitors or tourists can actually use the newly-instituted program to meet near ones and surprise them.

This, in effect, gives all the time that one needs in order to enjoy the company of family and friends and if one wishes, one can also choose to spend one’s time- at the airport’s restaurants and stores!

Truth be told, the initiative taken by the Seattle-Tacoma airport is not only high in the emotional content (value) for the visitors but also gives a scope to contribute to the sales and businesses of stores and restaurants- present at the airport- therefore, rounding up the benefits by contributing to the commercial angle too.

CNN, in its coverage of the news, stated, ” “It’s been 17 years since anyone without a ticket has been able to enjoy areas of the airport beyond security,” Port of Seattle Commissioner Ryan Calkins said at the time. “And yet some of the airport’s best features are there. Great restaurants, local musicians performing in the concourses, and some of the best views of the planes coming and going against the backdrop of Mt. Rainier and the Olympics.”

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