The biggest development at this point in time is this- Airbnb to partner 2028 Olympics.

Who would have thought that among the world’s leading and widely known online lodging and homestays company would rise to such a colossal level that it would generate dazzling international headlines:

Airbnb to partner 2028 Olympics!

Truth be told, ever since the company’s inception back in 2008, Airbnb has constantly cut out a niche for itself by rising through the ranks in becoming one of the world’s most prefered and widely chosen online lodging and accommodation offerings!

Offering a highly personalized yet immensely touristy lodging option, implicit in Airbnb’s success is the fact that today it is successfully challenging premier hotels and hospitality properties. Is it not?


Yet the confirmed news- Airbnb to partner 2028 Olympics- tells us about a thing or two about the mesmerising success of the California-based company.

Recently, in making the big announcement public, Airbnb co-founder Joe Gabbia met with the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach in London, where it was announced to the public that Airbnb would partner the 2028 Olympics, a premier international sporting event that lies a little less than ten years in the future!

This effectively means that Airbnb have confirmed a nine-year deal to become among the leading partners of the 2028 Olympics. But one is ought to ask, in what way will this strategic alignment take place; therefore, what does Airbnb’s association with the upcoming Olympic event entail?

To that regard, it is important to note that Airbnb, in its association with the next Olympic games, have offered safe, durable and sustainable accommodation to the international visitors and athletes’ families.

Airbnb to partner 2028 Olympics!

But implicit in any great alliance is a whopping financial sum, right? But at this point in time, the details pertaining to the financial arrangement between Airbnb and Olympics aren’t known, and therefore, are not in the public domain.

The Peninsula, from Qatar, shared some key insights on one of the most interesting pieces of news currently that confirms Airbnb to partner 2028 Olympics:

The partnership with the International Olympic Committee “will ensure that the Games are the most inclusive, accessible and sustainable yet”, Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia told a press conference in London, while also confirming recently-announced verification improvements to ensure customers’ safety after a deadly shooting at one of its California homes.

Olympics partner- Airbnb
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Furthermore, speaking of the importance of this key alliance, Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee shared that this partnership will help the “Olympics” by bringing them to the “digital age!”

In a statement to the media, Mr. Bach offered the following view, “it will provide accommodation that will reduce the cost for the Olympic Games organizers and all the stakeholders. It will minimize the need for (new) construction,” he told the event.

A big positive, seen from the perspective of the International Olympic Committee states that the upcoming alliance will result in hundreds of thousands of new hosts. In a way, it’s a positive development for it will allow the world’s citizens to get to know one another in a closer way thanks to a mega global event.

Airbnb to partner 2028 Olympics

The partnership covers the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo, the Beijing winter Games two years later, the 2024 summer Olympics in Paris, the 2026 winter Games in Milano-Cortina and the Los Angeles summer events in 2028.

That said, the view from Airbnb about the Olympic alliance is bright and positive as the firm believes that this event will leave a huge legacy and impact on the athletes and communities that will, as a result, be engaging closely.

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