Long before it became a big-selling car’s name, as decided by the venerable Skoda, the Yeti had a great meaning on its own and it didn’t have anything whatsoever to do with the four wheels of an automotive.

But for the longest time, Yeti did haunt our memory and stoke our imagination with its super grizzly presence. Where was it actually; was it even there or not, and how dangerous were he, if he were at all- these seemed, over a passage of time, questions that became riddles.

In fact, to that end, the aforementioned did seem questions that perhaps may never get a close answer to. After all, spotting Yeti, the ‘Abominable Snowman’ was about as challenging a task as is counting the stars in the galaxy. You’re the one who is liable to end up with a shaky head, right?

But guess what, in a major addition to the narrative surrounding Yeti, it appears that the respected and highly-regarded Indian Army has discovered something incessantly close that might finally put an end to the puzzle- whether the Yeti is alive, existing or a figment of one’s imagination?

So what has the Indian Army discovered, after all?

In a post that’s sort of becoming viral, having captured everyone’s imagination, it appears that the Indian Army has discovered the footprints of the part-mythical, part-mysterious, but purely-unforgettable Yeti.

Are you as confused as we are?

It was on Monday, April 29, that the Indian Army allegedly spotted what seemed the Yeti’s footprints and the discovery quickly made its way to the social media out there, aptly ‘snowballing.’ And guess what, tons of theories have already emerged surrounding what seems an ‘ageless’ question- whether or not the giant Himalayan figure exists or not.

Revered media platform, the NDTV published news report surrounding the same and shared the following, which is worthwhile to note:;

The army said it discovered the footprints of the “mythical beast” on April 9 at Makalu Base Camp in Nepal. It also claimed that the “elusive snowman” has also only been sighted nearby at Makalu-Barun National Park.

“this is what surreal experiences are made of”

The location where the Yeti’s footprints were spotted notwithstanding, it’s hard to believe that a figure that became an irreplaceable part of the Nepalese folklore may finally have been spotted, even as the adjoining to this theme is the footprints of the mysterious creature.

What’s important here is to know that none of the standing authorities in the world that have spent years researching about the creature have confirmed or denied the findings of the respected Indian Army. So in that scenario, it’s also possible that one may get to hear an official word whether those indeed were the Yeti-footprints.

Over the course of the past several decades, Hollywood and documentary film-makers have invested a lot of time to give audiences an idea and understanding of just what the Yeti is; and how challenging could the idea of having any proximity to its whereabouts actually be. But in the light of the current developments, it appears that a new round of discussion regarding the mythical creature- one that’s omnipresent in our imagination- may pleasantly resurface.

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