In a piece of news that’ll surprise detractors of India, according to whom the world’s largest democracy is still very much no more than being a land of snake charmers, one where according to popular myth, milk flows in rivers and where black magic and voodoo still very much dominate popular talk as does puppetry, two Indian airports are among the world’s best list for business travel.

Can you take that?

Indian airports are frequently mired in controversy. They are, as popular magazines and journals describe them, chaos-causing means of urban transport.

But had that been the case then perhaps these two Indian airports may never have featured on a list that includes fancy, bustling airports including those from the United States, Germany and Japan, and the likes.

What’s impressive is that at a time where the concept of Aerotropolis- having premier infrastructure being developed along the lines of airports, thus making small aerocities out of them- is rising, the Indian airports are also finding fame from distant quarters.

According to noted online travel agency Globehunters that has compiled a list of 45 most popular airports, the international airports of Delhi and Mumbai, namely- the T3 and T2 (respectively) feature on an elite enlistment.

While Delhi’s T3 international terminal has been there for a while now, Mumbai’s T2 has been a recent high for the aviation sector of the country. In considering these two Indian airports on a list that includes renowned airports of the world such as – Japan’s Narita and Frankfurt am Main- several factors were considered by Globehunters, such as:

On-time arrival performance

Number of airlines and destinations served

Price of Airport parking

Number of lounges

To that count, importantly while Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International terminal T3 found itself on 38, Mumbai’s T2 was ranked 43 on the overall list. Delhi’s airport received 4 out of 5 stars while Mumbai’s airport received 3 stars.

Topping the charts was Japan’s Narita International Terminal, which has been crowned the world’s best where it comes to business travelers. This is a state of the art facility that boasts of 19 passenger-lounges, second only to LA’s Lax.

But all that said, it’s important to note that USA has the most number of business-travel friendly airports in the top 10 list.

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