South Indian cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest and delicious food choices people can make. They are low in calories and high in taste, which means you won’t have to live a bland food life when making healthy choices.

One of the biggest and most widely loved options in the plethora of South Indian cuisines available, Idli indeed is one delicious and extremely healthy food choices.
You can consume it with anything and everything and it would still taste delicious and looks delicious and fills one right up. And, because it’s so amazing, people have actually identified a single day to mark the celebration of having idlis in their lives.

world idli dayIt is believed that the Chennai man Iniyavan, regarded as “Idli King” and the president of Tamil Nadu Catering Employees Union, Rajamani Iyer, came up with the concept of a special day dedicated to these steamy delectables. And officially, March 30 was chosen as World Idli Day.

Now, thousands of people on the Internet are doing their best to thank and celebrate the World Idli Day for existing. While some are sharing mouthwatering pictures of the dish with tons of different choices to consume it with, others are naming their favorite places that serve some of the most delicious idlis in the country.

Even Congress MP Shashi Tharoor couldn’t stop himself from sharing his breakfast image with his followers in order to mark the World Idli Day. Check out the tweets over here:

Geesh! After seeing all of these Idlis in so many different colours and shades, we obviously want to hogg onto one (all) of them. Thank You for existing Idli, making lives and breakfasts better for a long long time.

Jyotsna Amla

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