There’s a beautiful saying that goes as follows-

You don’t just come to visit India when you visit the country, but you come to visit ‘yourself.’ Few countries in the world- as one says- are as passionately informing about life as they are vivid. And the warmth, as commonly alleged, is so much here in the East, right?

Well, assumptions be set aside, for who are we to decide, where there’s warmth or not, the fact is that there’s an amazing piece of news for India. Well, to boil it down it ought to be said, this one concerns the Indian tourists specifically.

Wondering what that is?

Hey you lovely, curious and ever-hungry for wanderlust Indian tourists- make a note (rather, also take a bow chiefs): as many as 25 countries offer visa-free entry and please underline this- 39, yeah, you read that right, 39 nations on the face of God’s mighty earth offer visa-on-arrival on the Indian passport.

So in a world that craves for something exciting all the frigging time, if this isn’t exciting, then just what is?

Wondering why how has this fabulous piece of development transpired?

Times of India shared an interesting report on a matter that may surely leave the Indian tourists with a broad smile and therefore, various economies around the world (specifically speaking from the lens of tourism) glowing with optimism.

It turns out that in the course of the past half a decade the Indian passport has steadily strengthened to an extent that it has jumped 10 ranks, having been 77 in 2015 to 67 in 2019.

Now, if that’s not a good piece of news, then what is?

The above is actually stated by the 2019 Passport Index, that is entrusted with ranking 199 countries on the basis of their visa-free scores and their ranking on the UNDP human development index.

But that told, it is worthwhile to mention the rank of the Indian passport in 2018? It was 68. A place higher up this year, is not a bad jump after all, isn’t it?

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