2020 Delhi Riots: The Delhi violence was, before the days of the Coronavirus lockdown changed the course of history altogether, one of the worst episodes ever. Not just for the country that’s understood as one of the world’s largest democracies. But also an episode that would reflect very poorly on the part of any country for that matter.

It was an event that came to hit the conscience and mind frame of the common man to a degree from which easy recovery wasn’t just possible at all.

In that sense, that one had to be a witness to the longstanding and utterly needless Muslim vs Hindu issue, a factor that’s poisoned the conscience of the country, didn’t reflect a great image of India, and that of its people.

And sadly speaking, even before the dust could settle on a calamity of sorts, there arrived the unexpected Coronavirus Novel COVID-19 lockdown, sending the world to a stage of panic. What a terrible thing to have happened to the earth and the fact that a man-made disaster, a colossal one at that (associated with eating animal meat that could be avoided easily) has led to all of us reeling with all sorts of problems.

But then not everything is dark and hazy currently. It seems that there is some light, at the end of the tunnel as far as the atrocities committed in the name of religion and all thanks to communal disharmony are concerned.

So in these days where things are dark and uninspiring, what could’ve come across as a better piece of news than finding out the fact that one person concerned with the Delhi communal violence case has been arrested?

You read that right? Apparently, a Ph.D. student from the Delhi-based Jamia University has been arrested by the authorities for playing a part in the ghastly episodes that rocked the heart of the country’s national capital.

Let’s deep dive into developing story and see what news outlet NDTV had to say in the matter:

The arrested student, Miran Haider, is also the head of the Delhi youth wing of jailed politician Lalu Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal or RJD.

Fifty-four people were killed and hundreds were injured in northeast Delhi after four straight days of violence over the amended citizenship law in the last week of February when US President Donald Trump and his family were on a two-day visit to India.

Delhi Police had said WhatsApp was used to organize goons from Uttar Pradesh and to identify areas to target. Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi making a public statement, calling for “peace and brotherhood”, violence continued in some areas.

That being said, while surely nothing would’ve been bitter than seeing the national capital of a massive country being doused in the fire especially when an important foreign dignitary was visiting the country, what’s also bright is that one among the perpetrators has now been held accountable for his misdeeds and one hopes that this isn’t just a one-off trend.

Apart from the fact that several innocent lives were lost and private properties burnt in utter disdain, there was also a scar that the unwanted episode left the country to deal with.

May such an issue never take place where the Hindus and Muslims find each other opposing one another, resorting to grave violence, causing panic when both can stay with peace and amity. Or maybe, that can only be imagined in beautiful movies that are fictitious but moving in equal measure?

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