Who Is Most Attracted To You According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Hola People! We all have a curious mind who keeps finding answer to questions that are completely insane. What do people think about me? Am I doing it right? Did I say it out loud? I hope everyone is fine with what I did?…And believe me, I can write practically a whole book of such questions but let’s talk about the most interesting questions of all….. Who Is Attracted To Me?

People just love to know if someone is attracted to them or crushing over them. And why not? Knowing who is into you is the most enthralling feeling ever. So here we are… We have the answer to your question according to your zodiac sign. Read it and let us know if this turns out to be true.

1. Aries

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Aries, you are driven by success and precision in life and you don’t like indecisive people. When people who are just as motivated as you in life meet you they see a natural competition but rather than going against you, they seek a partner in crime relationship with you. Basically, like minded people want to be Panda to your bamboo sticks.

2. Taurus

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You attract people who love fine things in life as you, yourself are a person who just loves to stay comfy rather than going out and having margaritas. People who love dogs and nutella are into you because they know that they don’t have to impress you over and over.

3. Gemini

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Gemini, you are spontaneous AF and you draw such people who share the same level of excitement as you. You are never bored and that’s why these people fall for you because they know that it’s unlikely that they will ever hear a no for an instant plan.

4. Cancer

image source: astrologyzone.com
image source: astrologyzone.com
Cancer, you take your time when it comes to opening up your soul so only those who invest enough time in you fall for you because only then they get to see your sensitive side. You draw people who know the how to embrace the thrill of a long walk or a deep conversation.

5. Leo

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image source: mac.h-cdn.co
Leo, people often perceive you as an arrogant and self-absorbed person and that’s why people who get attracted to you are only the ones who can see that your self-love is linked to your love for others. Such people will do better practical things in your life to make your life better.

6. Virgo

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Virgo, you are everyone’s 3 am friend. People just call you to tell the break stories and cry their heart out loud to you and you listen because you understand the pain. Your helping nature also makes you a bit needy, so people who will fall for you will be such people who have their whole life figured out, so that they can give you all the support you need in the world.

7. Libra

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Libra, you are a diplomatic person and you just can’t help it. People who just like to roll their way will stay away but people who know how to blend their spontaneous nature with your steamrolling nature will fall for you. With them, you will practically enjoy all the things, from gossiping to outings everything will be perfectly confused. (Just how you like it)

8. Scorpio

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image source: mac.h-cdn.co
Scorpio, you aren’t the one who is up for chill or take it easy-peasy. You attract almost everyone but only those who understand the value of long-term stay with you. They know the value of consistency and transparency, they also know that you invest all you got when it comes to relations.

9. Sagittarius

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Sagittarius, you are the party. Yes, you attract every single person you meet in life. You love fun group vacations, discussions and live your life to the fullest. But people who really fall for you are the ones who are a little shy and feel intimidated by you. You are the perfect example of opposite attracts.

10. Capricorn

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image source: mac.h-cdn.co
Capricorn, people often think that you are a workaholic because you never make contact for a longer period but people who are able to see what a badass you are and how you hold high regards for family and career both fall for you head over heels. They just want to be together because they know with you sky is the limit.

11. Aquarius

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You are a practical won, your facebook is filled with political discussions and social issues. You are often said to be a negative person in life because you judge everything. People who are equally informed as you are and who share the same values as you feel attracted to you because they know that they can have intellectual discussions with you with lesser chances of getting into an argument.

12. Pisces

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Pisces you are the tender one. You are oversensitive and that’s why people just hurt you every now and then. You are fragile and crave passion. You draw people who are kind and loving. Who understand the meaning of emotions and feelings, with such people you share an otherworldly love.

Wasn’t that fun? Now you can judge who is attracted to you in your circle. Do let us know if this article was helpful and if you want to write us something related to zodiac signs, just comment below.


27 July 2016
Avni S. Singh