Watch: This New ‘Jaago Re’ Ad Is Disseminating The Concept Of Pre-Activism

Great advertisements do more than what they are meant for, selling a product, they go on to make their voice heard about strong issues while smartly injecting their product in it. The same has been done by TATA Tea which has time and again been using their platform to make people stand up against the bad in our society.

Their ‘Jaago Re’ needs no introduction to the Indian audience, apart from the Tea, the brand was also selling conscious to the people, be it for voting or simply avoid benefitting the corrupts. They have excelled in a way that very few brands can claim and they are back again with an equally strong and chilling message which is just simply amazing in each and every way possible.

The new advertisement talks about us as a society waiting for something strong to raise our voices, basically an alarm to wake up. They talked about how we know about all that is wrong yet we wait, but why? Through this ad, they have urged the people to become pre-activists and stop something before it’s happening.

Watch The Video Here:

( Video Courtesy: ET BrandEquity )

The best part about the ‘Jaago Re’ advertisement is the way it’s executed and the words that have been used to express what they wanted to say. You would almost feel yourself to be on the verge of standing up for all that is wrong, which is always a good thing.

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