Watching policemen fight with a rider or driver is a usual news but a video that is going viral on social media is shaming Police. In the video, you can see four policemen fighting with each other.

On Sunday this disgusting came into the light where 4 policemen from Lucknow were fighting with each other in the middle of a road for the share of bribe.

The eyewitnesses of the incident said that Policemen collected money from trucks and local vendors of the area and while dividing the share of the bribe among them they started fighting.

You can clearly see them throwing blows on each other in front of the public. When the matter got over the head a fifth policeman came and attempted to break the fight.

When asked, the local police denied and said that bribe was not the reason for the fight.

Watch The Video Here :

(Video Courtesy: Viral Videos)

Manjil Siani, the Senior Superintendent of Lucknow Police clearly said that the fight between Vijendra Yadav and the Home Guard happened over clearing the traffic jam in Itauja area. He said,”This is not true at all. Moreover, the video is nearly two-three days old.”

Virendra Yadav has been suspended and a letter has been written to Homeguard directorate seeking action against the Home Guard, SSP Manjil Saini told.

Source: Indiatvnews

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27 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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