A new vaccine for classical swine fever has been invented by Indian scientists. The trending news does sound like an important breakthrough in medical science, isn’t it? Well, who knows, it could well be that.

Cures, there are many. At times, we are compelled to think that the right medical cure is just out there somewhere only to know that such a thing may not exist. But then what is one to do when a critical illness or condition that can spread like a contagion goes untreated for the simple reason that the breakthrough vaccination isn’t available in the market?

But well, for starters, there seems to be massive relief in the sense that a vaccine for classical swine fever is out there in the market now. In what can only be called a huge medical breakthrough, Indian scientists have developed something which could well be the new vaccine for classical swine fever.

Although, at its periphery, the CSF or Classical Swine Fever as it is called may read like some regular medical anomaly. But when you understand how grave the situation could get in the absence of the right antidote, then you’d know the relevance of this newfound discovery.

But first up, some facts. The Indian scientists at ICAR’s Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar in the state of Uttar Pradesh have succeeded in developing the Classical Swine Fever Cell-culture vaccine.

And just why is the vaccine for classical swine fever vital in treating the precarious situation out there?

The breakthrough will now help in producing a cost-effective alternative to what’s being currently used as vaccines for preventing the deadly fever among pigs that can actually prove to be fatal.

vaccine for new swine fever

So to put it simply, if such a grave anomaly among the animals goes unchecked, it could lead to potentially disastrous circumstances for all.

But just why is the indigenously produced vaccine important and being attributed to such relevance? According to news inputs, the said vaccine can also be used to treat rabbits, because, at present, quite a large number of rabbits are usually sacrificed in the process of production of the used vaccine.

The new alternative, therefore, is vital and posits a ‘need-of-the-hour’ usage, something that cannot be denied given the overall significance.

But that said, there’s more to the much-talked-about new vaccine. This new vaccine, it is believed, also gives immunity for 2 years instead of the 3 to 6 months protection under the currently used vaccines in the market. Now, if that’s not great utility, then what is?

That being told, here is what one needs to know more:

The CSF is one of the deadliest diseases of pigs, causing high mortality with an annual loss of over Rs 400 crore, the Times of India, reporting on the major trending development reported.

Furthermore, it would also note other relevances that are rather telling from the disease and its impact on India:

Though India has been able to prevent the disease to an extent, the classical swine fever is considered one of the reasons for causing a decline in the population of pigs in the country in the year 2019 when compared to the 2012 status.

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