The Uttar Pradesh government, acting tough and disciplined, under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath took up a firm stand against several officers employed by various cadres of the state. In doing so, it decided to let go of no fewer than 1,000 officers who were described as ‘corrupt’ and ‘inefficient’ by the chief minister and his establishment.

Therefore, starting today, i.e., November 26, there are around 1,000 vacancies, it is confirmed, in different cadres of the Uttar Pradesh government.

The state government has been no stranger to corrupt and inefficient officers in the past but this latest jolt that has rendered 1,000 jobless should serve a strict warning to all those seeking positions in different cadres of the state government.

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Ever since he took charge of the state’s chief ministerial post, Yogi Adityanath has made quite a reputation for demonstrating a firm stand against any cases of corruption, thereby imbuing fear in the minds of those who do not act in accordance with the law. This latest measure again goes on to depict the state chief minister’s ‘zero-tolerance policy’ toward corruption and should go a long way to remind the current serving officers in the UP state government about the perils of being inefficient.

In the highlight for being discharged of his duties, on a permanent basis, is the IAS Rajiv Kumar, who has been served a notice of forced retirement. In fact, the Centre has also been informed about the same.

Having already been to the jail once in the past, the track record of IAS Rajiv Kumar is known to all, the 1983-batch IAS officer having faced serious corruption charges in a case pertaining to Noida.

But a question arises of the latest development. Of the 1000 formerly employed individuals, what is the breakdown of those who’ve been served termination?

To that end, it is important to know that the Chief Minister has retired around 37 employees in various cadres of the Transport department, 36 in the Revenue Department, and 26 employees who were part of the Basic Education Department.

The above was confirmed by the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

Ongoing media reports, quick to highlight interesting developments from the trending story furnished other valuable facts, such as:

“All of them were facing corruption charges and some were found to be inefficient in the departmental reports,” said an officer in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

Besides, 25 officials in the Panchayati Raj Department, 18 in the Public Works Department, 16 each in the Labour Department, Institutional Finance and 16 in Commercial Tax Department have been sent into forced retirement.

The Appointment Department sources said that five IAS officers have already been ‘deemed resigned’ for overstaying their foreign assignments. They include Shishir Priyadarshi (1980 batch), Atul Bagai (1983), Arun Arya (1985), Sanjay Bhatia (1990) and Rita Singh (1997).

The above told, there are some other directives that came in straight from the Chief Minister’s office.

It is being told that all the tainted- whose names have been shared here- should be kept in waiting, as a punishment of a kind.

Those serving in the capacity of district magistrates, sub-divisional magistrates and other important positions have also come under fire.

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