Which smartphones are expected for 2020? We show you the upcoming mobile phone highlights from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others in an overview and forecast the trends of the year.

Which cell phones are currently the best?

Well over 100 smartphone models were released in 2019 and a large number of new devices are also expected for 2020. We will give you a cell phone preview of the next few months in 2020 and summarize previously known details. Furthermore, we will forecast the hot features of the next generation of smartphones in our trend forecast.

Trend forecast 2020: the features of the upcoming smartphones

The same goes for smartphone displays in 2020, Bigger and Bezel-less. The growing screen dimensions are partly due to the increasing internet connectivity ability and convenience of watching videos on the move. The antennas required for this require more space and accordingly larger batteries are installed. To further minimize the edges of the screen, manufacturers are likely to rely increasingly on pop-up cameras, punch-hole notches or even on invisible front cameras under the display surface.

OnePlus also introduced an interesting concept for 2020. The triple camera on the back of the Concept One is covered by an electrochromic glass, which makes it almost invisible. At the same time, it acts as a polarization filter for the camera.

Upcoming smartphone 2020

In 2020, we are likely to see some cell phones with curved displays that are curved on more than two sides. Higher refresh rates will also become a foreseeable trend in 2020 to ensure better gaming. Though the battery life has to increased accordingly because higher refresh rates also mean faster battery consumption. OnePlus, in particular, received a lot of praise with this feature in 2019.

New foldable phones will appear later this year. Samsung and Huawei already have two new models with the Galaxy Fold 2 and the Mate Xs. Motorola’s new edition of the Razr will also officially appear in the first half of the year. The next foldable generation can be a little cheaper which might positively affect its sales but the foldable phone trend is highly doubtful. It would probably be done by promoting foldable phones as a better option for gaming and watching videos.

Due to new top-notch processors, many upcoming high-end cell phones will support the new 5G cell phone standard. This is ensured by the Snapdragon 865 among others, which promises to a huge performance increase. You can also look forward to stronger camera features and photo resolutions of over 100 megapixels. Also, as battery capacity continues to increase, even better fast-charging technologies are likely to be introduced.

Smartphones in 2020

Also, more smartphones are predicted to remove the 3.5MM jack slot, just like Apple, to introduce Bluetooth earbuds for complete wireless connectivity.

SmartphoneRelease Dates
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite1st quarter 2020
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite1st quarter 2020
Samsung Galaxy S20February 2020
Xiaomi Mi 10February 2020
Huawei P40March 2020
Huawei Mate XsMarch 2020
Apple iPhone SE 2March 2020
Motorola RazrSpring 2020
OnePlus 8Spring 2020
Google Pixel 4aSpring 2020
Honor View 30Spring 2020
Samsung Galaxy Fold 21st half of 2020
Apple iPhone 12Fall 2020
Google Pixel 5Fall 2020
Huawei Mate 40Fall 2020
Nokia 10 PureViewFall 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 11Fall 2020
Microsoft Surface DuoWinter 2020
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