Few things today would appear weirder or just plane insane other than this triple talaq case in Hyderabad.

Anyone who said that relationships are the key to life and for maintaining peace and amity for our existence wasn’t wrong. But then, where was the scope to include weirder instances such as the one pertaining to the case of triple talaq in Hyderabad!

But before we delve into the details of this story, a question strikes us all. Would you divorce your partner for a weird reason? Say, how about the length of her nose, or say, her lack of maintaining nail-hygiene or for something so abysmally dumb as to say, the color of her hair?

Well, most of us who still believe in normality wouldn’t. Right? But that’s also because rarely are we as weird as the man who shot to unworthy fame via the triple talaq case in Hyderabad.

So as it turns out, police in the city of Hyderabad have booked a man for giving triple talaq to his wife over her misaligned teeth.

But truth be told if one were to ask the grieving, i.e., the wife in this case, then Rukhsana Begum has her own side of the story that might come across as absolutely true for it does sound real.

Apparently, if one were to believe Rukhsana Begum’s version of the story, then her in-laws and her husband used to constantly trouble her over the matter of dowry. For this purpose, she was repeatedly harassed in the recent past.

Rukhsana Begum told police that she married Mustafa on June 27, 2019. And, according to the police, on October 31, a case was registered against Mustafa under section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Dowry Act and Triple Talaq Act. Further investigation is underway.

That said, it is worthwhile to note the information shared by the concerned police officer investigating this case and the version of Mustafa’s wife, Rukhsana Begum.
The inspector shared, “we have received a complaint from Begum accusing her husband of pronouncing triple talaq as she has crooked teeth and for harassing her for extra dowry.”

“At the time of our marriage Mustafa and his family had demanded so many things and my family fulfilled their demands. After our marriage, my husband and in-laws started harassing me, asking me to bring more gold and money from my home. Mustafa even took a bike from my brother,” said Ms Begum narrating her ordeal.

But the wife’s plight doesn’t end there. She would go on to add, “they used to torture me regularly and finally Mustafa said that he does not like me because of my crooked teeth and that he did not want to live with me anymore. My in-laws locked me inside their house for 10 to 15 days.”

That said, what’s rather sad is that when she fell ill, then instead of taking care of her, Rukhsana Begum was sent away to her parents’ house. Then, on October 1, her husband reached her and after he abused her parents, he decided to give her triple talaq, leaving her immediately and refusing to take her.

The grieving wife tried to reconcile with her husband again and tried to get in touch on October 12, which is when Mustafa recited “triple talaq” again over the phone. It appears that blaming the crooked teeth as a base for divorce is just a distracting reason in the matter.

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