First up some pun: “We are really living in unbelievable times. The truth out there is more horrifying than Hardik Pandya’s changing hairstyle.”

Now, let’s get to the serious talk.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is amongst the rare figures in the world who’s both admired and chided equally. Perhaps, there’s some celestial clique working out there that it so has happened that there are borderline similar personalities commanding (rather, ruling?) their respective nation-states in different parts of the world.

How on earth would you manage to evade the most apparent and seemingly disconcerting phenomenon that where a Netanyahu is ruling Israel, XI Jinping ruling China, Trump and Putin in command of USA and Russia, respectively, there’s a similar powerful man at the absolute helm of affairs here in India? Who else but Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi?

Anyhow, comparisons and ironies be darned, here’s what makes Modi an impressive leader. His intoxicating and arresting speeches, his ability to tow the line toward India in foreign policy measures and, above all- that sterling quality to appeal to the sheer magnitude of multiple ethnicities and sub-cultures of India, isn’t it?

What divides people’s opinions about the former Chief Minister of Gujarat is often silent on women’s issues and rather, the atrocities they are made to suffer. It also doesn’t help that his rather fascist advocacy of beliefs and principles seem to threaten the construct of India as a democracy, with many a sensible journalist fearing the worst that the country is moving fast toward a culture of dictatorship.

Whether how much of a substance is there in those claims and whether those are accusations or not- one doesn’t know. But what one does know, in fact, is that not before Modi has there been a Prime Minister so utterly polarised in the world’s largest democracy. Did anyone ever attempt to threaten the life of Shri Manmohan Singh- that’s perhaps the simplest measure by which one could understand the importance, regard and appeal of the previous Congress politician.

Well, truth be told, a few hours ago, a man who had threatened to take down Modi via a chemical attack in a cold-blooded threat has been captured even before some malicious activity could’ve been executed.

Thankfully, the Indian Prime Minister is absolutely safe and sound as he should be. But implicit in this alleged, cold-blooded threat to the life of the most important political personality from the country is the sudden security breach that exposed there are chinks n the National Security’s armour.

Otherwise, how else can the following be explained?

The man obtained the contact number of the NSG control room in New Delhi and called up there on Friday, warning of a “chemical attack” on the prime minister, the official said.

The arrest was made from the economic capital of Mumbai and the arrested goes by the name of Kashinath Mandal. Here’s another shocker in lines with the said arrest. It has been confirmed that the man worked as a security guard. That’s all. That’s what he was in his work front. A security guard managed to breach the NSG control room security and got around to telephone a threat call?

Is that how the country is securing inarguably the most critical person in the political dictum?

Apparently, there’s something bizarre that has been extracted in the interrogation of the arrested man in Mumbai. It appears that Mandal was really upset at having lost a dear friend in a Naxal attack in recent times. And that, he really wanted to meet the Prime Minister to discuss the issue with him up and close personally.

The said attack occurred in Jharkhand.

A report on the same incident published on the revered NDTV shared the following as the future of the captive:

Following the arrest, the accused was produced in a court which remanded him in police custody till today.

He will be produced in the court again later in the day, the official said.

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