This Is How Twitterati Are Predicting PM Modi’s Addressing On New Year’s Eve

Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be addressing the nation for the last time, in 2016, on 31st December. It would be a day after his 50-day deadline completion on Demonetisation, which means that he would be speaking on all the good and bad being done by demonetisation to our economy and our country.

However, we do know our Prime Minister way too well to actually believe all of this and after the whole surprise of demonetisation, you never know which Mann Ki Baat turns out to be the end of what. All of this is been going through the minds of millions of Indians right now and most of them have moved to Twitter to share it with the world.

Ever since the announcement of Narendra Modi’s final goodbye to the year, has been made, the people on Twitter have started imagining a lot of stuff and you need to have a look at them now.

Here are some of the funniest predictions that the Twitterati have made for 31st December.





















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29 December 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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