This Delhi Artist Showcases The Story Of Durga And Mahishasur In The Most Appealing Way Possible!!

Indian Mythology has been taught to us mostly by our grandparents  but with the increasing trend of nuclear families, the gripping evening sessions of these enchanting stories seems to have lost. Where this story holds plots then sub plots and then subplots under the sub plots, all a kid want to hear is just a story. As simple as that. The magical god and goddesses fighting and winning over alien demons and monsters sound fascinating to them and they love it, but what to do now. Mummy and daddy got no time as they both are working and reading these alone will not give them that thrill so, a Delhi-based artist made a series on the story of Durga and Mahishasur and it’s pure information clubbed with entertainment.

Rajkamal Aich decided to make a series that simplifies the Indian Mythology for children and help them learn about the epic story of Durga and Mahishasur. The text is easy to grasp and it has been made in a comic book series so it keeps the interest of the children intact.

He has come up with the idea as he thought that in the books the plots of these mythological stories are really complicated to understand which kills the enchantment of the story. He broke down the story into the comic strip and made it kid friendly.

Check Out His Story Here:

Durga And Mahishasur 1

Durga And Mahishasur 2

Durga And Mahishasur 3

Durga And Mahishasur 4

Durga And Mahishasur 5Durga And Mahishasur 6Durga And Mahishasur 7Durga And Mahishasur 8Durga And Mahishasur 9 Durga And Mahishasur 24

Durga And Mahishasur 10Durga And Mahishasur 11Durga And Mahishasur 12Durga And Mahishasur 13Durga And Mahishasur 14Durga And Mahishasur 15Durga And Mahishasur 16Durga And Mahishasur 17Durga And Mahishasur 18Durga And Mahishasur 19Durga And Mahishasur 20Durga And Mahishasur 21Durga And Mahishasur 22Durga And Mahishasur 23

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This might be the simplest version of story and even I loved it!

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6 Oct 2016
Avni S. Singh

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