More than 15 Million fans on Facebook and on Twitter his fans believe him, trust him, love him and basically adore their favorite actor. Aamir’s movie PK got major support across India when few fundamentalists raise their voice against his movie. Their concern was ‘this movie show religion on biased lines’. These fundamentalists will be proved true if celebrities will make such statements.

In India, Indians showed support of their by viewing movie due to which Aamir’s movie PK surpassed his previous box-office collections. The cartoon above is summing up all the action which is taking place right now. However, the cartoon basically for the alien PK cartoon is saying to have  before leaving India. What we are more concerned about is the “should we leave India” statement or concern of his wife.

This Cartoon Sums It All Up For Aamir Khan!In India, the religious freedom is given to such an extent they even after marriage her wife is not forced to change religion. One can read the Saudi or Arab League nations rule for marriage on their official website.

Well, we know Aamir Khan’s next line after saying that Kiran wants to leave was ‘That was a disastrous statement for Kiran to make.’ However, on a public platform you should be cautious to raise personal concerns of your family. As all celebrities request not to interfere in personal matters so let the personal concern be in personal sphere.

There is saying with great power comes great responsibility and here the actor has power of love of millions of his fans, the recent statements of his has raised concern whether our nation is safe or not, or are we heading towards the intolerance.  Answer is our nation has always witnessed this trend and we need responsible people to come forward and sort out the matter not to aggravate the situation. And as we are incredible India we will say ki agar jana toh kha PK hee jaana.”


25 Nov, 2015

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