It is sad. It is heartbreaking. And at the same time, it spells grief in a way not many would have imagined. We are left wondering about a heartbreaking situation. Have we as a country come to a point of no return, where the number of rapes stands in our democracy? The talks we often hear about- hell being a place far away from our society and a place that darkens our conscience- seems to be this place right amid us, in the middle.

It appears you don’t have to go anywhere far out to encounter hell. As a matter of fact, this beckons a question. When was the last time- if you could refresh your memory- that you recollect an occasion where you picked up the newspaper or browse a website to find no news whatsoever surrounding something so heinous as a rape?

In a year where there’s hardly been any respite from the number of growing cases of rape, there comes another piece of news that confronts our psyche and perhaps gives yet another jolt, at a time where we perhaps can’t take any.

It appears that a Telangana man who had actually escaped jail has not only raped but murdered a woman in Telangana. The incident, yet another in long dreary and heartbreaking accounts in India for 2019, took place in the Medak district of Telangana.

Investigation reports highlighted the fact that the victim, a 29-year-old woman was actually missing since December 5 of this month.

The body of the victim, it was reported, was found in a decomposed state on the outskirts of Telangana’s Ramayampet area. The location where the body was found is reported to be around 90 kilometers away from the victim’s native place.

The name of the culprit is Arun Kumar, someone who didn’t commit the heinous crime for the first time. Arun Kumar, 30, had previously been arrested in two separate murder cases and is currently under police custody.

In the past, the cops have shared, he managed to escape from legal custody.

In what turns out to be a rather strange case, the accused, it was confirmed, had managed to speak to the victim’s husband in the jail and once he got out, had tried to contact him. He later got a way to befriend the man’s wife, the very woman he raped and murdered.

Conniving in every bit way one could think of, Arun Kumar managed to fool his latest victim into believing that he was leading her to a place where there were cash and gold hidden. And once he took the woman to an isolated area on December 5, he gave result to the crime that has shaken Telangana, and in effect, the country.

After murdering the woman, he managed to dump the body at a closeby location.

News reports highlighted the matter in greater detail and shared:

DSP Kiran Kumar said the accused is a repeat offender and had “killed two people in the past for property and money.” “He attacked an auto driver and stole his vehicle. He also escaped from custody in one of these cases,” the officer said.

A case has been registered under sections 307 (murder), section 376 (rape) and other sections under the Indian Penal Code. According to the police, the accused already has pending cases of extortion and a case for escaping from legal custody. The accused has been on the ‘rowdy sheeters’ list in a local police station in Dichpally, Nizamabad.

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