In what can only be expressed or defined with a pleasant sense of surprise, Tejas is all set to compensate its passengers for a bit of delay that took place in a recent journey.

There were some 451 passengers, according to confirmed news, who boarded the train from Lucknow while there were some 500 who were aboard the Tejas from New Delhi. Their journey was marked by unexpected delay.

And now, Tejas has decided to compensate all the passengers who faced difficulties owing to the rail’s delay, a bit of occurrence that doesn’t really take place usually and can only be described with a sense of sheer surprise.


While on the one hand, the remarkable story might bring a sense of surprise to the passengers of one of the country’s most widely-received train services, on the other hand, it tells us that the system of train transportation is embracing a culture of much-needed change.

Now, if you are wondering about the latter, then you ought to embrace a hardcore fact. Well, truth be told, at least seven in all ten train journeys are, more often than not, marked by some delays.

Among the biggest woes faced by the commuters and travelers who frequently use a train to navigate from a place to the other, happens to be the lack of basic hygiene, especially in the public utilities. While the other cause of big concern, inadvertently happen to be the frequent delays.

Tejas will compensate
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While in most cases the trains do not arrive at a railway station from where they are to commence the journey on time, in some cases, the expected time of arrival is also marked by massive delays.

And it could be said that for all the good work done by the Indian Railways in the past countless decades, the inevitability of recurring train delays has spoiled the overall reputation of a fragment of urban and rural transportation that is still considered handy and dependable.

So, in lines with the decision taken by Tejas- to compensate all its passengers who had to bear with the incessant delay- something important must be highlighted. That it appears that the culture of modern transportation in India seems to be changing, with an increased impetus being given to the passenger, for ultimately it’s he who undergoes the woes in times marked with delayed arrivals or departures.

Delayed Tejas
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LiveMint published the exact details of the Tejas incident and shared the following:

In the first such instance on Saturday, Tejas started from Lucknow at around 8.55 am instead of its scheduled departure at 6.10 am and reached New Delhi at around 3.40 pm instead of 12.25 pm. It departed from New Delhi at around 5.30 pm instead of 3.35 pm.

The cause of the delay was delayed maintenance. Any train before departing on its routine journey has to undergo a primary maintenance. Tejas’ maintenance could start at around 4 am on Saturday morning as a coach had derailed in the maintenance yard at Lucknow station during shunting.

To make up for the delay, passengers were served an extra tea, lunch and the refreshment given to them had ‘sorry for the delay’ printed on the packets. There were also announcements made to inform passengers that the train was delayed.

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