Tej Bahadur’s Wife Posted A Message On Twitter And It Makes Us Question Who’s Right?

Tej Bahadur, the BSF Jawan who would have never thought that he will become a dead wood to Army, was dismissed after serving 20 years of service. 3 months ago, Bahadur posted a video on Social Media which revealed that Indian Army serves poor quality food to Jawans. The video became viral in no time and many questions on the authenticity of the video as well as on the integrity of the Indian Army were raised.

Tej Bahadur
image source: hindustantimes.com

An inquiry against his video was initiated and he was found guilty of making false charges against the Indian Army. In result, today, Tej Bahadur was dismissed after serving Indian Army for 20 years.

Now, after his dismissal, Bahadur’s wife Sharmila has posted a heartbreaking video in which she has clearly expressed her disappointment on the decision of her husband’s dismissal. 

Watch The Video Here:

Ajay Deep Lather on Twitter

Wife of BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, Sharmila release a video msg. @NBTDilli https://t.co/0GJlCQhFdz

She stated her point clearly by saying that what has been done is wrong as Bahadur did the right thing for his fellow jawans. She has also stated that the Army was serving poor food and Bahadur’s dismissal is nothing but injustice.

After Watching This Video We Couldn’t Help But Think – If Bahadur Was Actually Guilty Or This Is Another Cover Up To Hide What Really Happens Inside The Army Circle?

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