If you thought that the growing clamor surrounding pollution and the hazardous air quality levels particularly in the northern region of the country was the only issue worth giving serious thought about, then think again.

tap water is not safe in India, Drinking Water Quality In India
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A recent study conducted by the respected Bureau of Indian Standards with the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry of the country in the full knowledge of things has come out with a shocking revelation because quite frankly, there’s no other way to put it.

It appears that tap water is not safe in India.

And just what goes on to prove the fact that tap water is not safe in India? Well, the finding by the Bureau of Indian Standards that points to the telling revelation that not one, two or three but thirteen (13) state capitals have failed the quality norm that specifies that the overall quality of water is safe and fit for drinking.

So the question is, what exactly happened there?

Several samples collected and studied meticulously from different parts of the country that cover India as a whole has found mixed responses, not all of them inspiring a positive reaction from the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry or the Bureau of Industry Standards.

First up, let’s delve into Mumbai and the results gathered from the financial capital. It appears that at a time where it can be safely suggested without overanalyzing the facts that tap water is not safe in India, well, at least not everywhere, the city of Mumbai provides a welcome respite.

The Union Consumer Affairs Ministry, in its study, ascertained the fact that tap water is safe in the city of Mumbai. This is down to the fact that the samples collected from the city stand to be compliant with the Indian standards for drinking water.

Although, those in Delhi may be in for a rude shock as there’s no other way to put it.

Along with cities such as Kolkata and Chennai, Delhi happens to have failed in nearly every single parameter that defines and stipulates the quality of tap water being considered ‘fit’ for drinking.

Most Unsafe Tap Water In Delhi

What’s rather shocking in the said study is that of the 11 quality parameters, Delhi has failed, as have Kolkata and Chennai, in 10 parameters that are tested by the Bureau of Indian Standards, which happens to fall under the overview and aegis of the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry of the government of India.

Elaborating in greater detail about the findings of the study that should definitely worry the average Delhi-ite and should give one a clear idea of just where the state of drinking water is going in the national capital, NDTV highlighted some interesting facts:

Releasing the second phase study, Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said, “Out of 20 state capitals, all the 10 samples of piped water drawn from Mumbai were found to comply with all 11 parameters, while other cities are failing in one or more.”

The solution to this problem is to make compliance of quality standards for piped water mandatory across the country. The ministry has written to state governments in this regard, he happened to inform the reporters.

Delhi Water Quality Fails to Meet BIS Standards

“Stringent actions cannot be taken as the quality standards for piped water at present are not mandatory. Once it becomes, we can take actions,” said Mr Paswan.

But that said, the study will continue to touch different parts of the country that have hitherto remained unchecked. And as a matter of fact by early January 2020, samples from the capital cities of the seven sister states in the North-East along with 100 smart cities shall also be tested and their tests revealed in the public domain.

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Well that told, all one can hope is for a better outcome ahead of us. The last thing that the country needs to hear at a time where there’s hardly any dearth of problems, whether concerning the level of unemployment or the general state of economic well-being is that the quality of tap water is not safe in India!

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