At a time where the entire nation is rallying together to beat the evil of the day, the menace of the moment, it doesn’t help to note that there has been a rise in the overall cases of Coronavirus in India. So what does that mean?

Does that mean that there has been a recent surge in the overall cases concerning Coronavirus in India?

Well, unfortunately, that is the truth of the moment. And that is where it stands at the moment. At the present moment, there are clearly over 1,000 cases concerning Coronavirus in India that have risen in the past few hours.

But that’s not really that telling of the overall problem. Things change drastically the moment you rewind back to the last 24 hours.

Given the fact that the country is currently under the second phase of lockdown, a state that is expected to continue until May 3, there is no reason that the current development will bring any relief to any Indian, regardless of age, gender, orientation or financial background.

You immediately understand the severity of the matter when you realise that in the past 24 hours, i.e., from the onset of April 16 to April 17, 2020, as many as 1,000 new cases have taken place in the country.

That is not all. Does this further lead to an important question? What would be the overall toll of the current number of Coronavirus cases in the country?

At the moment, thanks to the massive surge- for there is no other way to put it- the total tally of cases related to Coronavirus in India has reached over the 13,000-figure mark.

Where it stands at the moment, then there are anywhere close to 13,387 cases of Coronavirus in India. Surely, that doesn’t cut a very promising figure- or does it?

Who can be relaxed, after all, when such a piece of news comes about?

Furthermore, in lines with the developing story, this is what Live Mint had to say:

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Thursday said that a total of 3.02 lakh samples from 2.86 lakh individuals have been tested so far for coronavirus. Also, India has received the 5 lakh rapid COVID-19 testing kits from China. These are not meant for an early diagnosis of coronavirus rather for monitoring whether coronavirus hotspots in India are increasing or showing a declining trend, the government said.

That being said, there are several states already where the toll leading to Coronavirus cases in India has crossed- the 1000-figure mark.

While at this point in time, the national capital of New Delhi, including all regions that make up the state, has around 1,640 current cases of Coronavirus in India, there are other regions too, that are bleeding with the current crises.

So which are these other states? The likes of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu have crossed the unfortunate tally of 1,000 figure mark.

And that’s really a problem that can no longer be turned a blind eye to.

What do you think? How long will this scenario even continue?

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