Surely knowing which states are the biggest contributors to the overall COVID 19 cases in India isn’t like solving some Mission Impossible project; it just takes some basic ground level awareness to know a fact that to many may be a passing piece of news.

On a normal day, you tend to think of India’s states as being major contributors to the growing GDP. Each state in the world’s largest democracy, regardless of size and culture, holds a unique presence from the economic and cultural standpoint of the country. It might not be wrong to say there’s always a certain affability to India’s states: diverse cultural hotbeds that have their own unique space in the firmament of the idea that is India.

But ever since the world came to witness the COVID 19 pandemic, the aspect of contribution of the states to India has (also) come to bear a rather dubious performance.

Today, an important piece of news in a country witnessing among the largest COVID 19 vaccine inoculation drives anywhere is the very fact that there are two states, in particular, that contribute to the most COVID 19 cases in India.

To that end it may make for a bit of a surprise to note that Maharashtra and Kerala form the two states that contribute to the most number of cases of COVID 19 in India.

Coronavirus cases in India
source: Livemint

While Kerala is a state that commonly makes news for the stupendous literacy rate, apart from it being a hotbed of tourism, it can be said in no uncertain terms that all’s not well in God’s own country!

It appears that together with Maharashtra, Kerala accounts for nearly 65 percent of the overall COVID 19 caseload in the country. And as a matter of fact, these are active cases in the country.

On the other hand, Maharashtra, the strongman of Western India, if it could be put that way, contributes around 25 percent of the total active COVID 19 cases.

To cut to a precise picture, it helps to know that as of January 25, 2021- the overall cases in Maharashtra and Kerala stand at 73,121 and 46,057, respectively.

While it may also make for a very random assessment of the situation that is the Coronavirus in the country, what helps somewhat is to analyze just how good or bad is the current situation in the nation where it comes the pandemic.

Surely 2020 was a year that produced huge waves of concern given the pandemic wrecked massive damage to the country, India did, as a result, lose no fewer than 153,000 deaths.

Of these, the leading states that witnessed the most number of fatalities happen to be Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra in that order.

On the brighter side, it helps to know that in the very states where there appears to be genuine concern due to COVID 19, there have been great recoveries as well. There have been approximately 8,14,000 recoveries where Maharashtra is concerned and around 1.91 million recoveries in the state of Kerala.

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Even as India is yet to get on top of its COVID 19 situation, what helps to know is that the persistent inoculation drive that has, thus far, breathed a new lease of life in terms of vaccination. If the country can steadily export vaccines that measure in a few millions to destinations like Brazil, and who knows, even South Africa soon, then surely, better days are hopefully around the corner for its own population.

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