Spanish PM Publically Punched by 17-year-old

New Delhi: In a bizzare incident, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy got punched in face by a 17- year old boy.

The incident happened when the PM was attending a political campaign event in his hometown Galicia. He was walking through the city of Pontevedra in the northwest of the country. The teenager reached closer to PM, giving an impression that he wants to take a selfie, and punched him hard on face leaving him bruised and stunned.

Watch “Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy punched during election walkabout” Here:

The incident caught on camera shows the minor standing close to the PM and thereafter he launched attack on him suddenly knocking off his glasses.

Soon after it happened, the youth was arrested by the police. Though the intention behind hitting the PM was not revealed.

The punch was so hard that it left intense red marks on the prime minister’s face, which is evident from the photographs captured by the shutterbugs present there. However, his party’s spokesman said that the 60-year-old PM was unhurt.

The country is going to witness general elections on Sunday. The ruling People’s Party led by Rajoy has a strong chance to win again but this time it might not achieve the majority in Parliament.

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18 Dec. 2015

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