Demonetisation is in its 15th day of working and people are finally moving on from the whole ‘you should be doing this for your country’ debate, to how successful demonetisation would be for our country in the long run. However, a new day comes with new changes and new rules rolling out from government’s side, which certainly questions the whole implementation process of this policy.

The queues outside an ATM and a bank are getting shorter and even new changes are coming out for the betterment of the people, every other day. The government is trying their best to curb people’s tensions and to make them more dependable on electronic money, which is good for an economy.

Some of the new transitions in the policy:

1. Public sector banks and certain private banks are waving off their service charges on debit card usage, till Dec 31.

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2. Indian railways has also decided to waive service charges on e-tickets booking till Dec 31.

indian Railway
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3. You can reload the credit balance of up to Rs 20,000 a month in your mobile and Internet wallets. This is twice the existing limit of credit balance.

4. From 24 November, you can withdraw up to Rs 2000 from Big Bazaar outlets by using your debit cards. You can also withdraw up to Rs 2000 at petrol pumps.

big bazaar
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Apart from these transitions, there is also some major news, regarding the recently rolled out policy.

The Indian rupee weakened by 21 paise and went on a new 9-month low. Plus, a new addition to the deaths relating the whole policy has been reported, a four-year-old girl died on the bank premises while waiting for her father. The father of the girl was standing in a queue in order to withdraw money for her treatment, as the girl was suffering from high fever. The case has been reported in Allahabad, UP.

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23 November 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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