In a season that’s already a lot about Lion King- Disney’s mega-successful animation hitmaker, one that’s out in a truly new and mesmerizing fashion, it’s hardly a bad idea to sip into some Simba beer, right?

It’s a beer brand that has quite literally come out of nowhere and conquered headlines. The taste of its smooth-flowing ale, with a delicious frothy flavor is out there and creating a buzz in a market where there’s hardly any dearth of free-flowing names such as Heineken, Tuborg, Stella and many more.

Yet, Simba beer is holding its ground and has captured an audience that’s always gung-ho for a grungier beer avatar. And central to the rise of Simba beer is its young founder, an amiable young man who’s no more than 27 but a challenging world up around him to capture.

And guess what? In just the third year of its launch, Prabhtej Singh Bhatia has made close to a whopping INR 125 crore with sheer hard work and passion in an industry where it doesn’t take one long to be dusted and wither away.

That told, it must be told that the profit margins and balance sheets notwithstanding, the key to Simba’s success is the brand’s positioning. When a leading business journal caught up with the young, driven co-founder of one of the noted beers being sipped around, Mr. Singh shared that the drink aspires to capture the Millenials who want to ‘taste the real taste of beer.’

What’s interesting is the sheer margin with which the company has grown and should one say with leaps and bounds?

In 2017-18, Simba beer had noted a revenue of INR 76 crore. This would grow multifold by the time the next financial year came about. In 2018-19, it’s profit figures are pointing to a solid INR 125 crore- not too bad for an establishment that’s been around for a little over 3 years, right?

Currently, Simba beer can be found at various places in not just Delhi or Mumbai, the two familiar hotbeds of India’s splendorous culinary scene but also at Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa and the states of Assam and Chattisgarh.

But to its advantage, it could be said, that it helps to have business running in one’s veins; and in the case of Simba co-founder, Prabhtej Singh, his family was in the liquor business circa 1948.

Targeting new boundaries and expanding to areas where it isn’t present at yet, central to Simba beer’s imminent goals are opening new breweries and capturing new markets. And therefore, it is in the process of opening the second brewery at Arunachal Pradesh, a step that’ll hopefully prove successful in its bid to reach and cater to the North-East market in India.

“Now we want to further strengthen our presence in these markets and not just grow geographically. By the end of the year, I hope to offer a portfolio of products to all of these cities we are currently in”, shared Mr. Prabhtej Singh in his interaction with a leading business publication.

And what’s more? Where the pricing stands, then currently, Simba is only behind Bira that’s truly captured the market by a storm, it’s “Beera White”, having solidly captured the imagination of both genders, emerging as the near-perfect beer for all occasions.

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