First things first. Does religion dominate us so much that we allow ourselves to hit below the belt and act like animals or mentally unstable sociopaths?

The Kanwar-factor, rather phenomenon, with all due respect, is as integral to Lord Shiv and Shivratri as is the factor of rains during peak monsoons. There’s no possibility that it won’t rain during peak monsoons, each year, decade after decade, centuries put together.

In a similar vein, there’s no possibility that the Kanwar- the self-styled “Shiv Bhakt” (Bhakt means devotee) will not walk all the way down from the Himalayas or Northern peaks of India down to mainstream cities carrying sacred or holy water.

It’s a given. It’s happened then, it’s happening now and probably, this scenario will continue till the time religion enjoys the unbridled zest it so commonly and effervescently enjoys around the world.

There’s no problem in that. If you are religious, it’s fine, it’s fantastic, it’s basic and very normal. And that said, there’s nothing abnormal about that at all. But in that regard, who exactly is a devotee? Isn’t a devotee of a lord entrusted with the most principle aspect of following a religion; i.e., peace?

How hard is it for a bhakt to behave himself properly and act civilised for whether you like it or not, even in this part of the 21st century where people are doing things like the Kiki Challenge and in turn, challenging death head-on, behaving normally and rationally is still very much advisable and a commonly acceptable practice?

That said, when one is a devotee of Lord Shiv, an eternal God; a purveyor of power, peace, beauty and mystic grace, can there be a chance of acting violently? Would following Shiv in the first place and then indulging in an abnormal instance of violence really the mark of a true follower of the “Ardhanarishwar”?

So who gave the right to that Kanwar to abysmally engage in an act of relentless and cold-blooded vandalism as seen on August 8, 2018 when a Kanwar went on a blitzkrieg of disrupting a Delhi-based vehicle with people watching the scenario unbent, unmoved and even unfazed?

Thankfully, retarded as the act may have been, (and there’s little doubt it truly was) it comes across as a huge sigh of relief as the alleged Kanwar charged with causing physical mayhem in the national capital has finally been arrested. This comes, surprisingly, inside a day with the police having done absolutely nothing; staying unmoved, watching the proceedings silently when the Kanwar was busy destroying a New Delhi vehicle.


This leads one to question- what might have happened had there been a pregnant lady behind the wheels of the same car that was butchered?

The car, in question, was a basic mid-level i20 vehicle and the incident unfurled near Delhi’s Moti Nagar area. That said, the most surprising turn of the event comes in less than 24 hours of the physical rampage that the i20 endured.

It so appears that the alleged Kanwar wasn’t actually a Kanwar in the first place. Shocked?

Probably- those who saw the event, found time to video-shoot it and record it blindly doing nothing whatsoever to curb the ensuing menace- are about as shocked as you.

And one can’t be blamed exactly. Apparently, a notorious crook, Raju Billa, an adult male, a burglar based in Delhi was posing as a Kanwar when he gave rise to a case of cold-blooded violence, hitherto-less seen from Kanwars in the recent past.

About more than a few dozens of Kanwar men, who had camped close to Moti Nagar, where the incident took place was asked in a full-fledged inquiry as to who among them caused the needless furore.

The Kanwar committee that had organised the camp has been constantly questioned and asked to identify a video footage that’s more than about 30 minutes, as captured from 3 separate video cameras.

And then, here’s another shocker. Police in the entrusted area has suggested that as many as 10 other Kanwars have been identified as being involved in the same incident. If that’s not shocking, then what is. The question, although, remains at large. Why weren’t the nuisance creators captured there and then itself? Can anyone answer this one, please?

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