Delhi and its people have witnessed a lot of things over the course of these recent years, from a myriad of rape cases to innumerable sexual assaults against kids. However, more often than not, some cases just shake our souls to every inch and engulf the entire city into it.

One of such cases came to light in early September, this year, when a class two student from Ryan International School was murdered in the school washroom. The blame was immediately put on the conductor of one of the school buses, by the school authorities and the Gurugram Police, and the country was left feeling disgusted by the management of Ryan International.

However, yesterday, CBI came out with the news that the culprit behind the Ryan Murder case was not some conductor, but actually a class 11th student from the school. The now arrested, allegedly admitted that he slit Pradyuman Thakur’s throat because he wanted to cancel exams in the school. No matter how unfathomable this particular reason, given by the 16-year-old, is, it’s true and it actually happened.

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Every single news channel, paper, and digital media outlet covered the story, however, very few were able to spot the real problem in this case and no it’s not just the management or the parents of the 16-year-old, or even that accused. It’s the fear of failure that actually led the sixteen-year-old believe that a human life is less important than a couple of exams that he has to go through.

Renuka Shahane

Renuka Shahane came forward with the similar question and voiced her angst in a heart-wrenching Facebook post. Shahane questioned everything, from inept investigation to management’s cover-up and even the framing of an innocent conductor in the case just because he was poor and the obvious one to do something like this, in the eyes of the management and police.

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Read Renuka Shahane’s post here:

No one knows what would happen with the 16-year-old accused now, however, in the end, we’re left with the parents of Pradyuman who are still grieving for their seven-year-old son’s death and a grotesque psychological fear that exams have on the minds of young kids in this country.

Jyotsna Amla