Twitteratis Reactions To Rahul Gandhi’s Speech Are Just Epic!

If you were wondering about the absence of Rahul Gandhi from the media where he usually likes to talk about Prime Minister Modi and his policies, and too much about demonetisation, then you would be happy to know that he is back! Yes, you heard it right, Rahul Gandhi is back with the same issue of demonetisation which he wasn’t able to argue about from past few days, as he was too busy holidaying. However, Congress Vice President addressed his party workers today at the Jan Vedna Sammelan.

Apart from his usual favourite Demonetisation and the problems that the move brought with it to the common man, Gandhi also talked about the Judiciary and the Reserve Bank of India being undermined in Modi’s rule.

In addition to all this, Rahul Gandhi also gave a lot of funny content to his audience which had been appropriately used by the people on Twitter. Like, he said, “Mere yoga guru ne kaha tha, jo log yoga karte hai woh padmasan kar sakte hai, aur jo log yoga nai karte, woh padmasan nai kar sakte”. This statement alone is like a jackpot for Twitterati who usually search for stuff like this to give us some awesome tweets.

Like all of these:










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11 Jan, 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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