Twitterati Are Calling PM Modi #ParamGyani Due To His ‘Operation On Healthy Body’ Statement.

Having a Prime Minister who is very vocal about things on social media, has their own ups and downs. Sometimes it’s incredible, other times, not so much. After all, Prime Minister or not, everyone is a human being at the end of the day that has the capability to make mistakes and say factually incorrect things.

On Tuesday, the same happened with PM Narendra Modi who wanted to speak a little on the whole demonetisation fiasco. He explained how a move like demonetisation was something that our economy and country needed in order to have a successful and corruption free future.

But, there was only one problem in this noble cause by the PM, he used some not so great words in explaining the whole existence of the move. He used the scene from an operation there and compared it to the need of demonetisation.
He went ahead with something like this:

People considered it to be a very useful and necessary information by our beloved PM and went on with an entire series and started the trend of #ParamGyani. Because why not? There was some criticism too because there are some far more intelligent people than our Prime Minister on Twitter.

Check the out here:
















P.S. This piece was heavy on sarcasm, hope you got it.

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