While the rest of the world was amazed about all the good, bad and ugly at the Oscars, India’s social media was buzzing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s grand gesture.

PM Modi while attending an event at Coimbatore on 24th Feb wore a blue stole which caught the liking of a Twitter user – Shilpi Tewari – who asked for it in on Twitter. Now, this can’t be considered something really big until and unless her demand was accepted, which really happened. PM Modi sent her the scarf along with a print of her tweet with a signature of his on it.

Something like this can simply be described as PM Modi’s (or at least his team) deep involvement with the ‘aam’ people of this country and their wishes. Her story was carried out by almost every news and social interest website in the country who identified her as a ‘fan’ and ‘this girl’. However, after some deep investigation by few people, it seems Shilpi Tewari is more than just ‘this girl’ or ‘fan’.

Shilpi Tewari is not any ordinary woman on Twitter, she was a close aide of Smriti Irani and did manage her 2014’s election campaign in Amethi. Apart from this, her Twitter account is filled with some of the most prominent people who are following her. Her followers include PM Narendra Modi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, and BJP President Amit Shah.

Tewari is also not new to the news portals, previously she was under deep scrutiny over being one of the hosts, of the doctored videos released in the JNU sedition case, last year. These videos were considered to be a prime proof of ‘anti-national’ slogans being chanted at the University, which was then found out to be doctored, as reported by Economic Times.

All this definitely puts the receiver of PM Modi’s stole under questionable lenses and one cannot consider her to be a mere ‘fan’ or ordinary person.

28th February 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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