New Delhi: In a bizzare incident, a 53-year old man has chopped off his finger to celebrate the victory of Nitish Kumar in the recently held Bihar Polls.

Resident of Jehnabad, Bihar, this man named Anil Sharma has a rather frightening way of expressing his joy.

Every time Nitish Kumar is sworn in as the chief minister, he expresses his happiness by cutting one of his fingers.

His craze and love for Nitish Kumar has no boundaries. Unlike other fans, this man literally ‘bleeds’ for his superstar Nitish Kumar.

Moreover, he prays day and night for his well being. As per media reports Anil said that he would have committed had Nitish Kumar lost this election.

JDU chief Nitish Kumar has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the fifth consecutive time on Friday at a gala function.

His party fought the 2016 elections with the RJD and Congress (Grand Alliance) and garnered massive victory.

While the media was busy covering the grand ceremony from the Gandhi Maidan, this man was cutting his finger with a sickle for the third time.

Anil chopped his two fingers in 2005 and 2010 as well. He offers the dead finger to an unknown deity and then submerges into Holy river Gangs at his hometown Jehnabad.

But his craze might not be known to his superstar Nitish. And this time to make his existence felt, Anil came to meet Nitish Kumar with a bandaged finger.

However, he couldn’t meet his superstar as there was a long queue of people waiting outside the Chief Minister’s residence to meet him and congratulate.

People doing unconventional things for a Bollywood star, sportsman, singer is quite common but it was a rare sight of blind craze for a politician.

Anil Sharma claims that he is not mentally challenged but doing all this out of sheer love for his favorite star.

Well, being a fan is good but these types of acts of doing self-harm to prove madness for a ‘special’ person presents the wrong picture of fandom altogether.

24 Nov 2015

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