Rahul-Mamta’s Picture From The Conference Is Getting Viral And The Results Are Funny AF!

There are hardly any times when Politicians from different parties would support each other, however, our PM Narendra Modi’s demonetisation has done the impossible. Opposition parties have united against the current government and are doing all that they can to receive answers from the PM.

Rahul Gandhi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held a joint conference on 27 December and a certain picture from the conference is getting viral. This picture shows both of them pointing at each other and Twitterati decided to give some funny and interesting caption to the picture. All the pictures from the conference have gathered Twitterati’s interest. It almost seems that Rahul and Mamta’s action spoke louder than their words.

Have a look at some of them here:










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29 December 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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