Rahul Gandhi would have been “Kumbh Karan” in his previous birth as he loves to sleep a lot. Well, given the fact that most of us love to sleep and we can sleep all day, Rahul Gandhi is a winner among us. Yes! he has a special talent that he can sleep anywhere anytime.

Remember, he was caught on camera when he was taking a nap during a parliamentary session earlier? Well, guess what, he did it again. Yes!! Looks like he loves to wander in his dreams during such sessions as on Wednesday he was found sleeping during a Lok Sabha session and the worse part is that Camera again caught him doing so.

The moment, word of his sleeping act got out, the social media platform twitter went nuts and trolled him like never before. The Twitterati went crazy and gave him all sort of hilarious captions.

Check them out here:

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20 July 2016
Avni S. Singh

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