Prime Minister’s 97 Year Old Mother Hiraben Visited Bank And Twitter Has All Kinds Of Reactions!

A few days ago Rahul Gandhi made social media go crazy when he visited a bank to change notes to support people and now the mother of the prime minister of India herself went to the bank to get her notes exchanged.

Hiraben, the 97 years old mother of Narendra Modi visited a bank in Gandhinagar today and got her old notes exchanged in the support of her son’s brilliant move setting an outstanding example. When Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of the two highest denomination currency notes Rs500 and Rs 1000, it came as a shocking news for the entire nation.

Since then, people are standing outside banks to get their notes exchanged to new currency notes and also queuing outside ATMs to take out the cash. Now the visit of Prime Minister’s mother to a bank has given Twitterati a hot topic to express their support or rage and twitter has all kinds of reaction regarding that.

Here Is The Video Of Hiraben’s Visit To The Bank!

Here Are The Supporting Tweets:

Some Were Truly Against This Move:

Modi requested the public to give him 50 days to bring the change and how positive this move will turn out, only future holds the answer.

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15 November 2016
Avni S.Singh