Narendra Modi is among few political leaders who for sure know how to make most of the social media and technology. He has earned a lot of followers who envy them and for that, he keeps himself active on social media. Modi shares all the important updates of his political life through his tweets, so that his followers keep updated and connected to his actions.

He has done some good amount of work as a PM of India but when it comes to making a mistake Social media trolls forget that even though he is the Prime Minister of India, he is also a human and he can make mistakes too. Neither we are defending him for his political mistakes, nor are we mentioning any of them but a few months ago he was mocked for a silly mistake he made over social media and now he rectified it like a pro.

PM Modi is very humble when it comes to conveying regards to everyone he knows on their special and important days like birthdays. On February 12, Modi gave best wishes to Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan on Twitter thinking it’s his birthday and became an object of mockery. Ashraf Ghani’s birthday was actually after three months and the President conveyed this information in the most polite manner ever.


But Modi knows how to correct his mistakes as on Ashraf Ghani’s actual birthday he remembered and wished Ashraf again stating a funny tweet.


Guess, we all thought that Modi lack a sense of humor but this tweet is proof that he knows to correct what’s done wrong with time.

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20 May 2016
Avni S. Singh

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