People are already touting Arnab Goswami’s one on one with PM Modi as a failed marketing gimmick. Some experts say that a good interview is when the interviewer challenges responses and probes against baseless promotion of certain agendas. Arnab failed miserably at this too.

Arnab bashing has become the favourite pass time of Twiterrati these days and our own Mufferman isn’t the one to miss out on this opportunity. So he tweeted:

Some people felt that Arnab was so in awe of the PM that he deliberately avoided deeper questions on sensitive aspects, areas in which the Modi government had failed to deliver promises. To this another person tweeted:

History of sorts was also created as it was the first time that a sitting Prime Minister of India has spoken to a private television news channel. This also has serious branding effects on the fate of the particular news channel as well.

While on the other hand Modi remained true to his form as an exceptional orator and spoke like one who speaks from within. Never has Indian populace witnessed a PM speaking directly for the public to the public and I’m sure he won a million hearts all over again.

Mr.Modi was worried about a lack of humour in his speeches at the most. When Arnab appreciated his speech at the US Congress earlier this month, Modi expressed his fear of including humour in his speeches as the media selectively picks up a word here or there to create a controversy out of it.

The interview ended with profuse thanks giving by both participants and a promise that none of the interviewees ‘words will be used to create controversies.

All across the world Indian citizens are praising the PM’s willingness to talk about issues in the open and from the heart.

I wish he would also have spoken on topics of strife within the BJP, the Vyapam case, issue of infiltration and inflation and the never ending search for black money.

You can read the full interview here

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