Narendra Modi Said That ‘B.R. Ambedkar Was Voice Of Marginalised’

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised B.R. Ambedkar and said the Ambedkar was the voice of marginalised and his voice inculcated inner power to the people of the country.

At the foundation stone laying ceremony of B.R. Ambedkar National Memorial, Modi said that “Babasaheb was the voice of the marginalised. He is a ‘Vishwa Manav“.

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(Video Courtesy: Narendra Modi )

Modi praised Ambedkar and his vision for the development of poor and middle-class people of the country.

Modi said,”He had a vision to realise India’s maritime resources, power sector and many things… He always wanted people to be educated,” he also added that “Ambedkar gave inner power to people by compelling people to be knowledgeable.”

Prime Minister also said that “When the issue of equal rights to women came up, Babasaheb was clear that if women don’t get equal rights I can’t be a part of the ministry.”

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21 March, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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