Madhya Pradesh Farmers’ Protest is where every political opportunist is focusing on right now and after MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan confirmed that the 5 farmers who were reported dead, during the protest on day before yesterday, were killed in police firing, it turns out that this is the most opportune moment for every opposition party to put their nose in the matter.

The violence in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur was about to get into the hands of state police after protesters torched vehicles, blocked roads as well as rail traffic in adjacent areas of Dewas, Sehore, Ujjain, and Barwani, but Rahul Gandhi had something else in his mind.

Yesterday, when he announced his trip to the violence-hit area of Mandsaur, the state police clearly denied him permission to enter the state as it would have triggered another round of unrest in the area. However, being the vice-president of one of the most insecure party right now, he defied the restriction and still tried to enter the state on Thursday.

Rahul Gandhi flew down to Rajasthan, from where he headed by road to MP’s Mandsaur area that is the epicenter of violent farmer protests which has escalated over the death of five people in police firing on Tuesday. When police tried to stop his convoy near Rajasthan-Madhya Pradesh border, Rahul Gandhi swapped his car for a bike and drove another 3 km, surrounded by his, or his party’s, loyalists. This included a crowd of security personnel, party workers, journalists as well as on duty policemen who would have done a lot in the violent-hit area rather than preventing him from entering the state.

Sachin Pilot, the Rajasthan Congress chief, was also accompanying him on another bike before they were stopped again but that was not it. Rahul Gandhi was so keen on meeting the families of those five farmers that he started walking ring-fenced by an elite Special Protection Group and party members who were engaged in heated arguments with policemen before the INC’s second in command was finally detained.

Madhya Pradesh is a state where the Bharatiya Janata Party has been in power since 2003 and this is the first time we have seen any of the Congress leader so keen on meeting with the residents. (Pun definitely intended)

This whole incident forced me to recall Baba Ramdev’s controversy where he ran away wearing a salwar-kurta in order to prevent his detention and also, the kind of steps Arvind Kejriwal’s administration has taken in Delhi to let their voices be heard.

Moreover, there is one thing that all the politician in our country needs to understand. Their presence in these type of violence-hit areas adds fuel to the already fired-up situation and neither everything in India should be treated as an opportunity to publicize nor should one play with the emotions of someone who is already suffering through a lot.

And one more thing, Rahul Gandhi landed from a chartered plane, he had luxury cars in his convoy and he claims to know how the poor of our nation feel. Politicians, as a whole, need to stop pretending and do something fruitful and as for Congress, merely meeting with these five families won’t bring INC into power once again.

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