In a serious allegation, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has expressed fears that the Modi government may even get him killed in their quest for power. Had been an ordinary citizen of India there would have been law suits galore for speaking against the sitting Prime Minister. I wonder why the prestitues are quiet this time and not creating a furore. Is it a case of “The enemy’s enemy is a friend!”

He even stated that the PM is the “mastermind” behind the arrest of AAP MLA’s. The CM was so anxious about the search of AAP MLA Kartar Singh Tanwar’s house by the Income Tax department that he released a full ten minute video in which he speaks at length about the threat he feel to his own safety and life.

You can watch the full video here:

( Video Courtesy: Aam Aadmi )

The BJP was quick to respond to this outrageous video and said “He is frustrated, not the Prime Minister… frustrated by his own incompetence in governing Delhi and lack of results on the ground… frustrated by the criminal actions of his own party MLAs”.

It is obvious that the CM is in an agitated state of mind and feels threatened as ten of his MLA’s have been arrested (and later released for want of proof) in recent days. He feels that the IT, CBI, Delhi Police and ACB are all after him and his party leadership at the instigation of Amit Shah who is coaxed by PM Modi. He did not even spare the PMO and said that the latter three are acting in unison to weaken the AAP command.

All this comes when AAP is set to contest the upcoming elections in Punjab, Goa and Gujarat. At this time instead of focusing on the existent problems in the NCT, the CM is trying to divert public’s attention from his own shortcomings in the present leadership. Mr. Kejriwal may simply be trying to avoid questions over his own performance in a vain attempt to earn brownie points in the other states where AAP is looking forward to score in the next election procedure.

On the other hand people in Delhi are facing major difficulties in everyday commute as the auto and taxi drivers continue with their protest and refuse to ply their vehicles on the roads. It is a well-known fact that these were the people who were very happy when the AAP government came to power in the NCR.

I think the CM is behind this strike, planning to harass the common man who in his view is pro BJP as it is very clear that it was the auto wallas only who chose him as their CM.

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28 July 2016
Team Rapid

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