The life has come to halt as due to rains, Chennai has turned into an island. Amidst the Chennai floods, a bus driver turned into Samaritan to secure his bus passengers to a safe place. He steered through the mounted level of water on road. The bus that began its journey and got surrounded by water, however, the bus driver didn’t lose the control and hope, He drove across his bus through Tambaram bypass which was submerged till windshield of bus. Imagine the level of water that was there, and if it would have been stopped, the people would have struck into the road-turned-road.

The dexterous skill of bus driver proved boon for more than two hundred passengers. His agile driving skills saved the bus from clogging water and Passengers were hanging on windows, many were on top, and bus was stuffed with people they started rejoicing after reaching secured area.

5 Dec 2015


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