Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Rajendra Dadu Dies In A Road Crash

Madhya Pradesh, BJP MLA Rajendra Dadu from Nepanagar assembly constituency in Burhanpur district died on Thursday. His car met with an accident while he was travelling from Indore to Bhopal. 53 years old Dadu took his last breath yesterday night.

Rajendra Dadu
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Dadu was going to Bhopal to attend the BJP’s legislature party meeting at the CM’s House when his car skidded and plunged into a roadside trench. Dadu died on the spot.

Rajendra Dadu was travelling with his gunman, personal assistant and driver. His driver and personal assistant also lost their lives where his gunman sustained injuries. After the accident, they were rushed to Chirayu hospital. To attend the legislature party meeting, all the BJP MLAs were asked to report in Bhopal by 9 June. They were also asked to stay in Bhopal till 11 June for Rajya Sabha election.

After the word got out about the MLA’s death, the meeting of BJP legislature party was immediately postponed.

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10 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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