Of the many forums for economic dialogue and idea exchange, the World Economic Forum, among countless platforms, has a special and relevant space for past several decades. Not everyday does the world witness a global forum that has leaders and fire starters, entrepreneurs and technocrats, all of whom being thought leaders in their own right, who interact on a platform whose central aim is to shape the trajectory of the world. So while much of 2020 and the start of the subsequent new year has seen restricted commutation and physical interaction, world’s biggest leaders were seen interacting through the preferred platform in sync with the contemporary way of the world, i.e., the e-forum!

It was here where Hon’ble PM Modi happened to share with the global community India’s strategy in countering the menacing pandemic as well what might become of the prominent democracy given the COVID 19 pandemic and the homegrown developments and initiatives.

That being said, a particular highlight stood out in the extensive dialogue PM Modi had with the world and this was in relation to the COVID 19 vaccine.

What was interesting was to note the keenness and the familiar spirit of ebullience with which PM Modi spoke to the world on the COVID 19 situation in India.

Apart from bringing to the world’s notice the fact that India was able to save a majority of its population from the pandemic scare, PM Modi brought about a key update on the future scenario of the Made-in-India vaccines for battling the intense situation.

Quoting the Hon’ble Prime Minister, here’s what made exciting news: “Two India-made vaccines have already been introduced to the world and many more vaccines will be made available from India.”

If you are somewhat aware on the current scenario then a familiar keyword pertaining to the COVID 19 pandemic is frequently heard in the news and captured widely on media outlets: the Serum Institue of India.

It was only two days back in the day where news confirmed that Saudi Arabia was to receive no fewer than 3 million doses of vaccine from the Serum Institute of India.

Furthermore, the Hindustan Times, in a report on PM Modi’s address to the global community highlighted the following:

Talking about the nationwide vaccination programme, which he said is the world’s biggest, PM Modi said that India vaccinated over 23 lakh health care workers in 12 days. The programme was inaugurated by him on January 16.

The Prime Minister further said that India was able to save a majority of its population after predictions from some people that said 70-80 crore people will be infected by the coronavirus disease.

Moving on, it’s a well documented fact that after aiding Sri Lanka, to whom it sent 5 lakh vaccines, India has also sent a hefty quantity of vaccines to nations like Brazil (led by Jair Bolsonaro).

While much of the world continues to fight the clamor of the COVID-19 pandemic, India is soldering on toward greater safety and steadiness.

Much of Europe, at this point in time, is experiencing a stronghold of the Coronavirus pandemic with strongmen of the continent, including the likes of Germany and France battling an onslaught amid tight restrictions and new rules of lockdown.

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