What can easily be labeled as completely unthinkable happened already in Kerala and it’s absolutely shocking. A 2-day-old baby girl’s body was found in a clogged toilet at a clinic. Her tiny body was reportedly flushed down the toilet and recovered only when the plumbers tried to clear the passage.

The incident came to light on Friday when Dr. Abdul Rehman, who runs the clinic, called a plumber after he noticed some obstruction in the toilet bowl. As per the police, while trying to unclog the toilet, the plumbers noticed something that looked like a ball. As they tried to pull it out, they were absolutely shocked to see the body’s head pop out. The body of the newborn with the placenta still attached to it was found stuck in the duct.

source: Traveling with MJ

As per the early suspicions, the police has stated that her parents brought the girl to the clinic on the pretext of consultation and flushed the baby down the toilet. However, as the placenta was intact, the mother could have delivered her inside the washroom.

Now, the police are on their toes to get hold of the real parents of the newborn. All patients are being checked who have delivered a newborn in the last two days.

The doctor filed a complaint and a case of unnatural death was filed. “Investigations are underway. We are analysing the records, but we haven’t been able to identify her parents yet,” police sources told NDTV.

Meanwhile, the body has been sent to Thrissur Medical College for postmortem reports.

Jyotsna Amla

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